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Comic Review: Death Follows

Death Follows

Death Follows is another winner by writer Cullen Bunn, one of the creative minds behind the wildly successful Harrow County series. The story begins in similar fashion, featuring a young girl named Birdie who lives on a farm with her family. Before long, a strange man shows up, and that’s when things take a turn for the disturbingly surreal. Readers wouldn’t expect anything less from this already noteworthy horror storyteller.

The cover features artwork by Simon Bisley, and primes readers for the creepiness within. This comic has all the eerie darkness that we expect from horrifying classic stories like The Monkey’s Paw and The Tell Tale Heart, but with a more modern twist and Cullen Bunn’s signature flare. The artwork by A.C. Zamudio and coloring by Carlos Nicolas Zamudio bring the story to life in vivid color and make the disturbing nature of the story much more salient. (Gore lovers are in for a treat with this comic!)

If you enjoyed Harrow County then you’ll be sure to take a liking to the dark and disturbing supernatural elements in Death Follows. As an added bonus, readers are treated to the full, original short story which inspired the comic. There are some different elements in the original version (for instance, the narrator Birdie is a boy named Seth), which makes for an interesting twist to some of the narrative. This is disturbing horror at its finest, and will shake readers to the core.

You’ll be able to find Death Follows online through Amazon or Things From Another World and in your local comic shops beginning May 25, 2016.

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