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Comic Review: Harrow County Volume 5: Abandoned

Harrow County is a horror-drama comic book series that revolves around a small southern town and its residents, who are plagued by supernatural forces. This new volume, Abandoned, focuses on a monster named The Abandoned, who lurks in the dark woods of Harrow County. Emmy, the protagonist, comes face to face with the giant monster, which has glowing yellow eyes and towers above her. However, The Abandoned reveals truths about Harrow County, its mysterious origins, and Emmy herself. Harrow County Volume 5: Abandoned

Harrow County Volume 5: Abandoned covers issues #17-#20 of Harrow County and weaves together more of its characteristic horror and mystery elements with fantastic storytelling and wonderful art. Overall, this collection adds so much more to the story of Harrow County and answers some of the burning questions that have arisen throughout the series, especially when discussing the origins of the supernatural beings that haunt Harrow County itself.

However, this comic could also easily be enjoyed by casual readers who are interested in checking out a fully-realized origin story, before going all the way back to issue #1 to start from the beginning. Harrow County Volume 5: Abandoned is a fantastic read and if you enjoy complex stories with a hint of the paranormal mixed in with more traditional horror elements, this comic is definitely for you.

Pick up Harrow County Volume 5: Abandoned, from Dark Horse, on May 24th, 2017.

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