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Megan Is Missing is Unnerving but the Acting is Tedious

Michael Gois Megan is Missing.

If you can get past most of the acting and reach the end you may be pleasantly surprised at this movies warning of sorts. Or slightly distressed, depends how your brain is wired.

Megan is Missing is a found footage fictional drama inspired by actual events which bases itself around two typical teenage girls; Megan Stuart (Rachel Quinn), a rather sexually experienced (or slutty like I really wanted to say, oops I have), rebellious young teen who exudes confidence, and her best friend; Amy Herman (Amber Perkins) who is a rather reserved, quiet, shy and inexperienced teen.

Like most adolescents, they enjoy partying with their friends and chatting on the internet. They are unafraid of anyone they speak with, taking all words as truth and getting excited if the person they’re chatting with is seemingly hot. This is where Josh comes in. Persuading Megan to meet him behind a diner. Not in front of or inside, or even at the side, behind, but this doesn’t deter Megan. Something that she would have wished did if she knew what was to come.

Now again, the acting is tedious and following the girls around their day to day routine and ‘oh my god’ attitude to everything does get tiring, but if you can get to exactly the last 22minutes of the film, you might find some scenes that might stay with you longer than you thought.

Director Michael Goi shows us the realization and ugliness of what can and does happen out there because of the easiness to prowl and gain trust on a number of social network sites. The truth of reality can hurt, and this films show us that.

If you’re a parent with a teenage daughter, you may not want to watch this. And if you’re not, you may not want kids after this. Either way Megan is Missing will has a few scenes that will definitely play on your mind and if you’re looking for a film to unnerve you (even just slightly for the hard core fans), I’d say Megan is Missing will do that.


Title: Megan Is Missing


Director: Michael Goi
Writer(s): Michael Goi
Stars: Amber Perkins, Rachel Quinn, Dean Waite
Year: 2011
Studio/ Production Co: Trio Pictures
Budget: Unknown, Small Budget
Language: English
Length: 89 mins
Sub-Genre: kidnapping, found footage


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