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The Funhouse is a Slow Burn Ride into Terror [The Rabid Dog’s House]

The Rabid Dog’s House is a recurring feature at Wicked Horror where contributor Justin Steele uncovers hidden gems, lost classics, and overlooked indie offerings. Flying solo or with his co-host Zena Dixon, he will discuss an array of topics covering film, literature, and television. Check out the latest installment below. In this episode we’re looking back at 1981’s The Funhouse!

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The Funhouse follows a young woman named Amy (Elizabeth Berridge) who decides to sneak away for a night at the carnival with her new boyfriend (Cooper Huckabee) and two friends (Largo Woodruff and Miles Chapin). The two couples soon get more than they bargained for after deciding to spend the night in the carnival’s designated Funhouse. After witnessing something they were not meant to see, Amy and her friends have to find a way to escape the Funhouse before it is too late. This feature directed by Tobe Hooper is an atmospheric horror film that pays homage to Universal’s classic monster flicks and the burgeoning slasher craze of the time.

Join Justin and Zena as they discuss The Funhouse below!

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Written by Justin Steele
Justin Steele is a graduate of Bowling Green State University. His focus was the representation of women and minorities in contemporary media. In addition to writing, he hosts the 411popCulture channel on YouTube. He enjoys Rep Theatre and once performed on Broadway. He currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio with his 15-year-old cat. He is a die-hard horror fan with a particular affinity for slasher films.
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