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The Rabid Dog’s House: Critters (1986) Review

The Rabid Dog’s House is a new reoccurring feature here at Wicked Horror. WH contributor Justin Steele has created a video series for horror fans that enjoy watching and/or listening to reviews of all things horror. He will discuss an array of topics covering films, books, and television series. Check out the first episode below. In this installment  we’re looking back on Critters!

In another part of the universe, a group of malevolent aliens escape capture by stealing a spaceship. These aliens are known as the Krites. They are small creatures that are a cross between porcupines and hedgehogs. The Krites are pursued by two bounty hunters (played by Terrence Mann and Jeremy Lawrence) as they head to Earth. On Earth, the run-of-the-mill Brown family are about to have their simple life turned upside down.

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Critters is a 1986 science-fiction horror comedy directed by Stephen Herek. Filled with the kind of fun only the 1980s can provide, this feature is a mix of laughs and mild suspense. Horror heroine favorite, Dee Wallace, and former child actor, Scott Grimes, lead the cast of Critters through some hairy scares and fur ball frights. This cult-classic is an 80’s throwback to the Sci-fi flicks of the 1950’s and 60’s. Critters is for the horror fan that enjoys a solid mix of suspense and comedy.

You can watch our full discussion of Critters on the first episode of The Rabid Dog’s House below:

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