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Uninhabited Review – No Paradise On This Island

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Written and directed by Bill Bennett, (who has a cameo at the beginning and end of the film), Uninhabited is a tale of terror in paradise. “Inspired by actual events” is thrown into the starting credits but we all know that can mean nothing more than a tiny point from an incident that happened.

Uninhabited begins with Beth (Geraldine Hakewill- Wasted on the Young) and Harry (Henry James) being taken out to one of the many beautiful islands along the Great Barrier Reef. They’re going for a romantic 10 day break and will be on the only people on the island. Or so they believe.

Alone finally, Beth and Harry think they’re in paradise and it certainly looks like it from the wonderful cinematographic overview the audience get of the island. In the middle of the night, someone (or something) is out there, watching them. As bizarre things begin to happen more frequently, they find themselves bickering instead of enjoying their time together and their relationship becomes strained. Beth begins to believe this is more than just kids or someone messing around and tries to convince Harry things could be supernatural, but he just won’t listen.

As they try to figure out the intention of the seemingly malevolent spirit they eventually find a shack ten minutes away from camp and a diary that starts to unravel the clues to the tragic and evil events of the island. With their only means of communication to the outside world missing, the only way they can survive is to stick together and wait out the days.

Uninhabited can be a bit slow and boring in parts, especially to start with and it isn’t overly scary and nor is it gory in the slightest, but the sense of mystery that it manages to generate is worth a watch. The conclusion however, is unfortunately not.

WICKED RATING: 3.5/10  [usr 3.5]

Title: Uninhabited


Director(s): Bill Bennett
Writer(s): Bill Bennett
Stars: Geraldine Hakewill, Henry James, Bob Baines
Year: 2010
Studio/ Production Co: Screen Australia, SC Films International
Budget: (unknown)
Language: English
Length: 93mins
Sub-Genre: Thriller

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