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The Lost Boys: The Beginning 1987

Eight of the Most Essential Beach-Themed Horror Movies

When we think about horror, we think about dark corners, confined spaces, old houses or abandoned hospitals. The beach is none of those things. It’s wide open, often full of people. So it’s surprising...

uninhabited movie

Uninhabited Review – No Paradise On This Island

[soliloquy id=”10163″] Written and directed by Bill Bennett, (who has a cameo at the beginning and end of the film), Uninhabited is a tale of terror in paradise. “Inspired by actual events...

Turistas- Paradise Lost, Second Review

[soliloquy id=”7119″] Turistas shows us one very good reason not to want to go backpacking like a local. If you’re a tourist you should take the plane and never the bus. Always. We meet a ...