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Not Quite Horror: Thoroughbreds (2017)

Not Quite Horror is back from the dead. After resting for a bit in its kind-of creepy but still-normal-enough-to-pass-as-regular crypt, our biweekly series returns. In each installment, Joey Keogh wil...

Green Room Movie - starring Anton Yelchin and Patrick Stewart

Joey’s Top 5 Horror Movies Of 2016

It’s been a fantastic year for horror (if you disagree, watch more). From quiet, brooding little indies to a big-budget reboot that packed a serious punch, there’s never been a better time...

Anton Yelchin - Image Credit: ET

Gone too Soon: Remembering the Career of Anton Yelchin

I am more stunned about the death of Anton Yelchin than any celebrity in recent memory. And that’s saying a lot, because over the past two or three years, we’ve lost a lot of heroes. Christopher Lee, ...

Taylor Hill/Getty Images - Anton Yelchin

Breaking: Anton Yelchin Dead At 27

Wicked Horror has just learned of the very sad news that actor Anton Yelchin has been found dead at the age of 27. Yelchin was due to take part in rehearsals on the evening of June 19th. When he didn&...

Green Room Movie - starring Anton Yelchin and Patrick Stewart

Five Reasons Green Room is a Must See!

I can’t recall the last time a movie’s marketing campaign was as on point as that of Jeremy Saulnier’s hugely-anticipated Green Room. Believe the hype; this flick is incredible. And ...

Green Room Movie - starring Anton Yelchin and Patrick Stewart

Advance Review: Green Room Is The First Great Horror Movie Of 2016

I have a difficult relationship with punk rock; love the music, hate the insufferable elitists so often involved with it. A group of some such loathsome types are the focal point of Green Room, Jeremy...

Green Room Movie - starring Anton Yelchin and Patrick Stewart

Red Band Trailer for Green Room is Dread-Inducing

A24 has just released a red band trailer for Jeremy Saulnier’s Green Room. It is one of the most intense trailers I’ve seen recently and it delivers palpable tension in its two and a half ...

Burying the Ex

Burying the Ex [Review]

It’s beyond incredible that Joe Dante is almost 70 years old and still making entertaining movies. His latest film, Burying the Ex focuses on a laid back guy named Max who works at a horror bout...

Poster for Joe Dante's Burying the Ex.

Burying the Ex Scores a Release Date

We recently reported that Joe Dante’s horror comedy Burying the Ex had secured US distribution and today we have a release date to share with you. Head inside for the official announcement. The film s...

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