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Joey’s Top 10 Horror Movies of 2019

Horror has had an insanely good year, which is something I feel I’ve been claiming more and more frequently when it comes time to write lists like these but the past 12 months have been a goddam...

Graham Skipper

Actor Graham Skipper Talks Bliss [Frightfest 2019 Interview]

Graham Skipper is one of the best actors working in horror nowadays, who, in the midst of his busy career also managed to direct his own startlingly assured debut, Sequence Break. Skipper’s ongo...

Joe Begos

Director Joe Begos Talks Bliss [Frightfest 2019 Interview]

With his latest movie Bliss, indie director Joe Begos proves he’s one of the most exciting filmmakers working today. His previous movies, Almost Human and The Mind’s Eye, showed a flair fo...

Bliss [Frightfest 2019 Review]

Bliss reunites the dream team of writer-director Joe Begos and his frequent star and collaborator Graham Skipper. Unlike earlier projects, like The Mind’s Eye and Almost Human, however, this tim...

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