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Alien - Rebecca Ferguson - Alien 5 - Alien Identity

Man Behind the Mask: How Bolaji Badejo Became The Alien in Ridley Scott’s 1979 Magnum Opus

Back in the day when man-in-suit effects were still the industry standard, Bolaji Badejo was discovered by casting agent Peter Ardram in a pub in London. Given Badejo’s long, slender build, Ardr...

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Creature Features – Scary Non-Human Species

In the dictionary, a creature is defined as “an animal, especially a nonhuman: the creatures of the woods and fields; a creature from outer space.” or  “anything created, whether animate o...

the movie poster for ridley scotts world wide and successful alien sci-fi horror.

The Man Behind The Creature Of Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien’.

[soliloquy id=”3691″] Alien didn’t use computer graphics,  it was acted by a man named Bolaji Badejo who is  6’10″ “As soon as I walked in,” Bolaji told Cinefantastique, “Ridley Scott knew...