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Creature Features – Scary Non-Human Species

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In the dictionary, a creature is defined as “an animal, especially a nonhuman: the creatures of the woods and fields; a creature from outer space.” or  “anything created, whether animate or inanimate.” In many horror films, creatures make some killer movies, but sometimes, the reveal can deflate the tension the filmmaker has built-up. Not with these scary non-human species that have continued to scare since they first arrived on the scene, I mean screen. Read on below for some of our top creature features. Let us know who you would least like to run into in the comments box provided below!

PREDATOR- Predator Movies

The 1987 Predator movie directed by John McTiernan starred badass Arnold Schwarzenegger. It also gave us the first glimpse of a technologically advanced extraterrestrial beast of a species with camouflage invisibility, and a massive arsenal of laser weaponry. The Predator is one in-human creature that you really wouldn’t want to be trapped in the jungle with. Or anywhere in fact.

The species with immense power, weapons and camouflage ability in the Predator movie, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

MOTHMAN- The Mothman Prophecies

The legendary creature famously reportedly seen around the Point Pleasant area of West Virginia. Directed by Mark Pellington, The Mothman Prophecies, stars Richard Gere and Laura Linney and the Mothman himself will not only get in your head, but mess things up in there. Some believe he is harmless and just showing us fate, others believe he is sinister, but either way both depict him as frightening.

Drawings by what the mothman looks like in the movie starring Richard Gere and Laura Linney.

XENOMORPH- Alien Franchise

The terrifying Xenomorph creature that director Ridley Scott showcased in 1979’s Alien, rewrote the books on alien monsters forever. This tall, alien organism species is armed with a small fang-filled head inside its bigger mouth, as if it’s not scary enough. Dreamed up in the mind of artist H.R. Giger it has yet to be matched in its nightmarish beauty. My stomach hurts.

The Alien in the well known Alien franchise with the original starring Sigourney Weaver.

CLOVER- Cloverfield

A massive insect-meets-lizard-meets-alien species who destroys anything and everything in its path. Especially in New York. Found-footage film Cloverfield, Directed by Matt Reeves, stars the terrifying Clover creature who can seemingly withstand the military’s best weapons of destruction. It also has parasites attached to it. These horrifying, dog-sized creatures just add to the terror.

The monster from the Cloverfield in which an unknown species causes destruction in New York.

JOTNAR- Troll Hunter

Written and directed by André Øvredal, Troll Hunter has the likes of Jotnar’s big feet stomping around. Residing in the Norway Countryside these 200 meter tall giant trolls are not as beautiful as their Norwegian home. Some pink, spiky hair might pretty them up a bit. But if you can manage to launch a rocket at the beast, you may just get your own giant statue of stone.

Jotnar the troll from the movie shot in Norway about trolls.

GODZILLA- Godzilla Franchise

This Japanese, and American re-made, movie monster Godzilla originally called “Gojira”, is the terrifying big, scaly and amazingly powerful species that is big enough to manhandle a skyscraper like it’s a Subway foot-long and stomp down on buildings like ants. Godzilla’s most recent appearance was in Gareth Edwards 2014 remake, and while he may be here to help, get in his way and you’ll be dust like the buildings falling to the ground.

The popular Godzilla from the movie franchise.

THE CREEPER- Jeepers Creepers

The Creeper lives in a dark underground home tucked away on the side of a desolate highway. Jeepers Creepers, directed by Victor Salva, features this winged, flesh-devouring creature that only comes out to play every 23rd spring for 23 days. When it’s over, a piece of a victim is taken and added to the Creeper’s collection of human organs and limbs to brighten up his place a bit.

The Creeper from the popular horror franchise Jeepers Creepers.


The scariest thing about the parasitical alien species in John Carpenter’s The Thing isn’t its appearance, since, technically, it changes appearances numerous times. The thing that is so damn effective is that is can be anyone or anything and then turn itself into to a number of scary mutations.

The Thing directed by John Carpenter.

CRAWLERS- The Descent

Directed by Neil Marshall and Jon Harris, The Descent 1& 2, featured an army of blind, pale, inhuman ghoulish creatures that hide in deep and dark caves. They stalk their prey through sound and tear them apart with razor sharp teeth to snack on the innards. Don’t make a sound and you might just get out alive.

The blind crawlers from the popular movies The Descent.

PUMPKINHEAD- Pumpkinhead Franchise

The Pumpkinhead franchise, originally directed by Stan Winston, brought to us a demonic pumpkin and disfigured human corpse. Pumpkinhead is menacing squash flavored species that seeks revenge. Conjured up and saved from becoming a jack-o-lantern by a witch he causes havoc wherever he goes, and not just on Halloween.

The popular pumpkin head franchise.

Which creature feature would you least like to run into? Post your comments in the box below!

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