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Unholy Night: 8 Christmas Songs For A Horrible Holiday

The holidays are here again. A time for reconnecting with family, Santa, stuffing your face with food and drinks, and wondering how you’re gonna pay your bills because you’ve overspent on ...

A scene from Black Christmas (2019)

PG-13 Black Christmas is a Reminder that Hollywood Horror is a Commodity, Not an Art

All of this brouhaha over Black Christmas’ PG-13 rating reminds me — a lot of hardcore horror fans are a bit too full of themselves. You know the fans I’m talking about. The ones who have convinced th...

Christmas evil

Everything Wrong With Christmas Evil

Good Christmas Horror films have always been few and far between, from the slow-witted Jack Frost to the downright bizarre Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2. However, never have I been met with such pu...

Silent Night, Deadly Night

Nine Reasons Silent Night Deadly Night Defines ‘80s Horror

Everybody’s got their favorite holiday movies. For some folks, it’s A Christmas Story, for others, It’s A Wonderful Life or Christmas Vacation. But in my household, there’s just one movie that we righ...

Silent Night, Deadly Night

True Horror: Five Shocking Christmas Tragedies

Everyone remembers the horrifying Christmas story Kate (Phoebe Cates) told Billy in 1984’s Gremlins. She described the life-scarring experience of discovering her dead father, dressed as Santa, in the...

Holiday Gift Guide: Horror Tree Ornaments

Gift Guide is a recurring segment on Wicked Horror where we showcase horror-inspired gift ideas for you, or the horror fan in your life. Have an idea for something we should feature? Let us know in th...

Silent Night, Deadly Night - Holiday Horror

Top 3 Creepiest Cinematic Santas

Behind all of the bright lights, stars and ginger bread cookies is a dark world with creepy Santas! Christmas can be frightening holiday from the fat man in red suit watching you sleep and calling you...


Underneath the Mistletoe: 10 Horror Characters We’d Like to Get Naughty With

Christmas is a time full of traditions like decorating the Christmas tree and hanging stockings with care. But, the holiday tradition that really brings people together is kissing underneath the mistl...


Zena S. Dixon’s Top Five Christmas Horror Films

It’s December; therefore, it’s officially the holiday season. But that doesn’t mean you should skip out on horror films! Below are five of my personal favorite Holiday Horror Films. ...

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