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Halloween - Michael Myers

Eight Horror Movies With Catchy Theme Tunes That Deserve to Get Stuck in Your Head

Music in horror can be very diverse. Sometimes the movie will partner with a widely known musician to deliver a hit song inspired by the film. Because of this, we get iconic songs like “Dream Warriors...

Dating Anxiety Condemned By The Catholic Church - 'Carrie' (1976) Michele Eggen's Top 5 Films to Watch on Halloween - Carrie

Scenes We Love: Carrie

A good horror movie is made up of good direction, acting, writing, and cinematography. A great horror movie utilizes these techniques in almost every single scene to effectively tell the story, give a...

Friday the 13th Part II

Waxwork to Release Friday the 13th Part II OST on Vinyl

Waxwork Records has worked with composer Harry Manfredini to painstakingly bring the original score from Friday the 13th Part II back to life. This marks the first time the recording has ever been rel...