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Halloween II 1981

How ‘Halloween II’ Was Shaped by the Early Slashers (Which Were Shaped by its Predecessor)

While Halloween II is consistent with the first and is overall a very similar film, it was made in a completely different climate and that surely has an effect on the movie itself. This was made the s...

Halloween II 2009

White Horse Whisperer: Why Zombie’s Halloween II is (Almost) a Masterpiece

There aren’t many horror films that are more immediately divisive than Rob Zombie’s remakes of Halloween and Halloween II. Some people love them more than the original—I don’t agree, but I get that. F...

Exorcist III - Completely Pointless Sequels That Actually Weren't That Bad

Seven A-List Actors and the Bit Horror Roles That Gave Them Their Start

It’s no secret, at least to horror fans, that most A-list actors got their start in lower budget horror movies. Or have at least done horror at some point in their careers. Sometimes great actors don’...

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

Nat’s Five (Additional) Picks to Watch on Halloween

We all have certain things that we love to watch around the Halloween season, if not on the day itself. Sometims they’re the movies that best represent the holiday for us, some have nostalgic value in...

Behind the scenes Nightmare 2

Horror Movie Monsters Caught Out of Character

It’s easy to forget that the monsters in horror movies boil down to nothing more than actors and make up, especially if you were terrified of them as a child. But there is nothing like a behind ...

An American Werewolf in London

Golden Year: The Horror Of 1981

In the eighties, horror movies took off in a big way, garnering mainstream success and becoming mega-hits for the first time. It all started in 1981, after the circulation of success between powerhous...