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Horror Movie Monsters Caught Out of Character

Behind the scenes Nightmare 2

It’s easy to forget that the monsters in horror movies boil down to nothing more than actors and make up, especially if you were terrified of them as a child. But there is nothing like a behind the scenes photograph to remind us that the horror icons we grew up terrified of are every bit as human as you or I. Here are some of the most surprising, shocking and funny examples of famous movie monsters caught off guard and out of character when the cameras were not rolling.

Pinhead holds a baby on the set of Hellraiser III

Here’s Doug Bradley in full costume and make-up, taking a break during the hectic L.A. filming of Hellraiser III to hug a justifiably uncomfortable baby.


The Monster takes a tea break on the set of Frankenstein 

Here’s the legendary Boris Karloff taking a break during the filming of James Whale’s first Frankenstein feature for Universal Pictures.

Frankenstein-1931-btsKing Kong and Godzilla on the set 

Here, the two titular monster titans take a break from fighting one another to battle their director on the set of King Kong vs. Godzilla. 

king-kong-vs-godzillaLance Henriksen and Pumpkinhead 

On the set of Pumpkinhead, Lance Henriksen and the demon appear to have finally sorted out their problems. Turns out they have a lot in common.

Pumpkinhead btsTim Curry on the set of It 

Here, Pennywise the dancing clown, or his alter-ego Tim Curry, takes a break to smoke a cigar on the set of 1990’s It. 

it-tim-curry-btsMichael Myers licks his knife on the set of Halloween II

Michael Myers actor Dick Warlock goofs around and licks his knife in this candid shot from the set of Halloween II (1981).


Freddy Krueger takes a stroll on A Nightmare on Elm Street 2

Freddy goes for a walk in the park and takes a seat on a bench during the filming of A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge. 

nightmare-2-btsThe Tall Man gets his hair pulled on the set of Phantasm II

The dummy made for the Tall Man’s demise in the horror sequel Phantasm II gets some finishing touches.

phantasm-ii-btsJason gets behind the camera on Friday the 13th Part VI

Jason Voorhees takes over control of the movie (presumably demanding final cut) and gets behind the camera on Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives. 


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