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Halloween II (1981): “Don’t You Forget About Me”

A new Halloween film was released in 2018 to great financial and critical success. So, of course, a new trilogy beginning with the last installment is being developed, all stemming directly from John ...


Halloween Succeeds by Bringing the Franchise Back to the Beginning!

Another sequel has been released for the beloved Halloween franchise. Fans can rejoice because this one is quite good. This 2018 release has retconned the chaotic timeline of the previous sequels and ...

Halloween - Michael Myers

What Made Michael Myers Such a Perfectly Simple Villain in the Original Halloween

There’s no denying, especially this time of year, that Halloween is an iconic and revered classic. It’s one of the most highly regarded horror films of all time. It’s not an effortless one, though, ev...

Halloween - Michael Myers

Here’s Everything We Know About the New Halloween Film So Far!

Many fans were ecstatic to learn that Dimension was planning a new installment of Halloween that would not continue on from Rob Zombie’s reboot and its sequel, but would instead return to the original...

Reasons Halloween: Resurrection is the worst

Four Reasons Why Halloween: Resurrection is the Worst

There were seven sequels to the original Halloween, and none are more egregious, insulting or downright dumb as Halloween: Resurrection. The usual reasons given for this range from Laurie Strode being...

Halloween Most outrageous deaths in the Halloween franchise - Halloween Returns

Why the Halloween/Dimension Split is Not a Good Thing

As I think I’ve made clear in several articles, I’m an avid fan of the Halloween franchise. Whatever direction it takes, whomever takes the reigns of the series, whenever there’s a new incarnation of ...

Halloween Most outrageous deaths in the Halloween franchise - Halloween Returns

Magic Mike: Most Outrageous Kills in the Halloween Series

Michael Myers was the boogeyman, at least in the original film. He was an almost cat-like figure that kept to the shadows until the last possible second, making himself known only when it was already ...

Halloween III Halloween Franchise - Great producing efforts by great directors - Halloween III - Tyler Doupe's Top Five. Zena's top five horror films to watch on Halloween. - Why the Halloween Franchise Keeps Rebooting (And Why That's a Good Thing)

Why the Halloween Franchise Keeps Rebooting (And Why That’s a Good Thing)

Halloween has seen more reboots than any other modern franchise, which is something that a lot of people tend to overlook. There are many reasons for this, of course. Most people don’t really know the...

Halloween Series. John Carpenter's Halloween 1978 poster

Family Matters: The Contradictory Issues of the Halloween Franchise

Halloween, as a franchise, follows a fairly simple formula. Michael Myers is pretty much existing for the sole purpose of trimming his family tree. Almost every sequel sees him go after a sibling, or ...

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