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Eight Badass Horror Heroines Who Deserve More Credit - The Fog

Seven Badass Horror Heroines Who Deserve More Credit

Horror has a reputation for being a male-dominated scene. It’s a genre run by men, made for men, starring men; that’s what the consensus seems to be. This has always been insane to me, because there a...

Clea DuVall - Scream queens you probably don't think of as scream queens

Seven Scream Queens You Probably Don’t Think of as Scream Queens

We all have our favorite scream queens: Jamie Lee Curtis, Heather Langenkamp, Ashley Laurence, and Neve Campbell are a few names that come to mind when the conversation turns to standout female horror...

Heather Langenkamp Horror sequels that cursed their own franchises - Nancy in New Nightmare - Badass Mothers in Horror

Eight of the Most Badass Mothers in Horror

Horror movies aren’t always known for depicting positive mother figures. When moms are brought up, people tend to talk about the villains. Characters like Margaret White and Pamela Voorhees. People on...