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freddy krueger from nightmare on elm street

Horror Movie Icons As Adorable, Murderous Babies

After recently stumbling upon an awesome illustration series of Disney Princesses turned Horror Movie Icons by Travis Falligant, I searched to see what other horror fan art I could find. And what prec...

Andrew Tarusov takes on Disney with a Tim Burton theme.

Disney Gets A Tim Burton Makeover!

As an avid illustrations fan, I love stumbling upon talented fingers, especially when there’s a horror theme thrown in! LA-based illustrator Andrew Tarusov has made dreams come true with an amazing se...

The monstars background to Andrew Barrs blog.

Barr Brings out the Monstars!

Check out amazing Canadian illustrator Andrew Barr. Barr runs his own blog called Monstars in which he shares his weird, wacky and wonderful interpretations of movie icons. From the familiar to the fa...