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John Carpenter - Horror personalities that deserve their face on American currency

Horror Personalities Who Deserve Their Place on American Currency

The last thing I want to do with this article, funny as it’s going to try to be, is undercut recent events. Because the truth is that Harriet Tubman earning her place on the $20 bill is an amazing thi...

Seven Horror Stars With Surprising Second Careers - Gunnar Hansen

Seven Horror Stars With Surprising Second Careers

Not everybody starts out wanting to be a horror star. In fact, I’d say most actors don’t. People tend not to think about how quickly and cheaply even the classic horror films were produced. And not ev...

Danielle Harris.

Child Actors in Horror That Spawned Successful Careers

It’s pretty widely known that child actors tend to have rough lives. There are a lot of reasons for this. Sometimes the parents want their children to be famous much more than the children do. They wa...