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Movies Only a Horror Fan Could Love

As a diehard fan of horror movies I am more than willing to put up with cheesy nuances, terrible acting, and stupid plot lines. To me, the climax of any horror film is incomparable to that of any othe...

banner and poster art for stephen kings hit horror novel and mini series adaption IT.

It Remake Loses Director

We have just learned that the upcoming remake of the Stephen King classic It has lost its director. Cary Fukunaga has departed the project and the future of the planned remake is now up in the air. Th...

Why Remaking It is Not a Bad Thing

Stephen King is an undisputed master of horror and has been for decades. It is one of his most celebrated works, and with good reason. The book is a masterpiece of cosmic horror and it spawned a telev...

Stephen King’s IT set to Shoot Next Summer!

[soliloquy id=”14425″] I was introduced to the 1990 miniseries, IT, based on the novel by Stephen King, at the tender at of six. At the time my bedroom was clown themed. Two days later my ...

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