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Cult Corner: Satanic (2006)

Welcome to Cult Corner where we dive through the bargain bins to determine if a movie is trash or treasure. Today’s pick…Dan Golden’s Satanic. Satanic follows Michelle, the survivor of a h...

Pit and the Pendulum (1991)

Evil Eyes: Forgotten Adaptations of Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe is the biggest name in horror. Even Stephen King has never come close to being as prominent and influential in the genre. Even the highest selling living author can’t outrank the one t...

Suburban Gothic

Suburban Gothic Debuts Trailer, Announces Release Date

Today brings a release date announcement and a trailer debut for the sophomore feature film effort from Excision director Richard Bates Jr. We have learned that the director’s much anticipated n...

Boax art for Don Thacker's Motivational Growth.

Review – Motivational Growth

[soliloquy id=”10573″] After a failed suicide attempt, Ian begins a bizarre friendship with the mold growing in his bathroom. The mold helps Ian get his life back on track and helps him re...

Dark House

Dark House – A Tense Haunted House Tale

In Dark House, a group of aspiring actors are approached at acting class to join the cast of a haunted house attraction. The proprietor makes them an offer that is financially appealing to the out of ...

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