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Batman 1989

Famous Movies Turned down by Legendary Horror Directors

A directing career is a volatile thing. Plum directing gigs are hard to come by. Yet there are always movies that get turned down, for whatever reason. Movies that turn out great on the screen donR...

Alien - Rebecca Ferguson - Alien 5 - Alien Identity

Icons Behind Icons: The Cinematic Influences of Your Favorite Horror Movies

One of the best things about being an avid fan of film is that there is always more to discover. It’s fascinating to hear directors talk about the movies that influenced them. To go back and wat...

Wes Craven - Surprising Early Jobs of Your Favorite Horror Movie Directors

Surprising Early Jobs of Your Favorite Horror Movie Directors

Everybody starts somewhere, even your favorite horror directors. Getting into the industry is an incredibly hard thing to do. Nobody becomes a director, writer, producer, or scores any major position ...

Scoring Horror: Composer Matthew Janszen Talks Fatal Affair and More [Exclusive]

When it comes to film scores, the standard has been set a lot higher for the horror genre, thanks to talents like Bernard Hermann, John Carpenter and Christopher Young. A horror film score can quickly...

Christine 1983

Christine is John Carpenter’s Unsung Love Story [Retrospective]

Even after directing Christine, John Carpenter would say in interviews that while he loved directing horror, he dreamed of directing a love story. And while Starman may have been a more mainstream, cu...

John Carpenter

Deep Breaths. John Carpenter Teasing a Return to Horror(!)

Master of horror John Carpenter hasn’t gifted us a horror movie in almost a decade. Not since the spooky, Amber Heard-starring The Ward which, in spite of good intentions, kind of fell flat, hav...

Justin’s Top 5 Picks of 2018

This past year audiences were given a wide selection to choose from in the horror genre ranging from throwbacks of 1970’s horror to fun comic book adaptations. Contemporary political influences such a...


Halloween Succeeds by Bringing the Franchise Back to the Beginning!

Another sequel has been released for the beloved Halloween franchise. Fans can rejoice because this one is quite good. This 2018 release has retconned the chaotic timeline of the previous sequels and ...

Body Bags

Mixed Bag: Why Body Bags is a Rough Around the Edges Anthology (That’s Still Absurdly Fun)

Despite the Scream Factory collector’s edition Blu-ray for Body Bags, it’s still easily one of the most overlooked titles John Carpenter has directed. It’s far from the classic status of Halloween or ...

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