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Seven Horror Icons With Hobbies You Wouldn’t Expect

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When we think of our favorite horror icons, be they writers, directors, or actors, we tend to solely think of them by their work in the horror genre. But I don’t think I need to remind anyone that while we all embrace the genre, horror is not the only aspect of our lives. Everyone has multiple hobbies and interests.

But if you’re known for one specific thing, then even your everyday interests can come as a surprise. Especially if you take them very seriously, as some of the people on this list certainly do.

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It can be fun to look at your favorite horror icons in a different light by taking a look at some of their interests outside the genre. So with that in mind, here are eight horror icons with hobbies you wouldn’t expect.

Robert Englund is a surfer

While it seems he’s finally given it up, Robert Englund was heavy into surfing until he was well into his sixties. Honestly, I’m sad this was never used in one of the later Nightmare sequels, so that we could all watch the Elm St franchise literally jump the shark.

Robert Englund of A Nightmare on Elm Street Lance Henriksen collects old coins

Legendary actor Lance Henriksen has many perfectly ordinary hobbies including antiquing and coin collecting—and, for that matter, collecting antique coins. He’s been doing it for some time. The old coins seen in the witch’s cabin in Pumpkinhead all belonged to Henriksen. They fell through the cracks of the floor where, according to the actor, they remain to this day.

Pumpkinhead 1988 btsJohn Carpenter loves the Lakers

While there’s no way to call John Carpenter’s love of cinema into question, his second greatest love is easily professional basketball. He’s just as ecstatic about his beloved Lakers as he is about the influence of Howard Hawkes and I think that kind of passion is just excellent.

John Carpenter, directorGunnar Hansen was an accomplished author and documentarian

Though he was quite knowledgeable about the genre, it was far from his greatest passion. Hansen loved to write about the natural world. He wrote a book chronicling his own travel to America’s Barrier Islands titled Islands on the Edge of Time and produced and wrote several documentaries on the history of Maine.

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Gunnar Hansen Death House

Stephen King is a massive Boston Red Sox fan 

Okay, this isn’t a huge surprise to people who are rather familiar with the author, seeing as he wrote a book about their 2004 World Series victory, but it’s still worth noting. In fact, King has his own private box at Fenway Park and apparently attends every game played at home.

stephen king red soxDoug Bradley is a massive fan of the band Ghost

I guess this could still be considered within the realm of horror, but sometimes it can be even more surprising to see a horror icon take part in something that is embraced mostly by horror fans. He’s been spotted by fans while attending several of their concerts.

Doug Bradley and GhostVincent Price wrote a cookbook

Vincent Price is one of the most legendary figures in horror history. He starred in some of the genre’s most classic films. But he also was a classy man of refined taste who loved perfectly ordinary things despite his perfectly unordinary voice. A great example of this side of Price has to be his cookbook, which is not even remotely horror-themed, though that would have been lovely.

Vincent Price's cookbook

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