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Hocus Pocus

‘Hocus Pocus’ Is A Better Halloween Movie Than ‘Halloween’

Hocus Pocus is the greatest Halloween movie of all time. It might also actually be the greatest movie of all time, but that vote hasn’t taken place yet and only my vote counts anyway so whatever...

Why the Gas Station Bathroom Scene in 2018’s ‘Halloween’ is the Franchise’s Most Upsetting

Halloween's gas station scene is the franchise's most upsetting

Every Time Dr. Sam Loomis Should Have Been Fired

Every Time Dr. Sam Loomis Should Have Been Fired

Dr. Sam Loomis is arguably the most famous character in the Halloween movie franchise, next to Michael Myers. His passion and poetic allegories helped to create the mysterious persona that is The Shap...

Michael Myers - Seven Horror Movies You Didn't Know Were Written by Women - Michael Myers in Halloween - Men Who Have Played Michael Myers.

John Carpenter Signs On For Brand-New Halloween!

The long-gestating Halloween reboot/sequel/re-imagining/whatever seemed like it was never going to happen – especially after the ill-advised 3D take was cancelled back in December, when Dimensio...

Poster for John Carpenter's Halloween.

John Carpenter’s Halloween Will Return to Theaters Next Month!

[soliloquy id=”10281″] If you missed the chance to see Halloween on the big screen during its original theatrical run or one of its returns to the silver screen, you will have another chan...

Jamie Lee Curtis in John Carpenter's Halloween.

Most Memorable Final Girls of Horror

One of the most important components in the successful execution of a slasher film is the inclusion of a likable, capable, and memorable final girl. The final girl (or survivor girl) is the character ...