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Poster for Kevin Greutert's Jessabelle.

LionsGate Has Released a New Clip from Jessabelle

[soliloquy id=”5699″] This creepy clip from Jessabelle sees the film’s leads digging up the remains of an infant. Come inside for a look at this recently released clip from the upcom...

13 sin horror movie

13 Sins- Game Of Death

[soliloquy id=”8239″] 13 Sins, directed by Daniel Stamm, proves that there a very few things some people are not willing to do in exchange for money. Elliot Brindle (Mark Webber- Jessabell...

Poster for the upcoming Kevin Greutert horror film Jessabelle.

Jessabelle – Upcoming Horror Movie

[soliloquy id=”5699″] Jessabelle finds its main character Jessie returning to her Louisiana hometown to take refuge in her father’s mansion. Her decision to return home results from ...

13 sin horror movie

13 Sins- Would You Dare Play?

If offered the chance to change your life forever with a massive sum of cash, would you? I would definitely ask what the exact terms were more than once. Just because I am a skeptic like that when it ...