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Mother’s Day

New on Netflix: May 19th, 2023

Welcome back to New on Netflix! This week we have another short list featuring a journalist, a special agent, a spaghetti western and a pair of peculiar twins. See Also: Corpses, Lords, and Rob Zombie...

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day (1980) is a Brutal Revenge Thriller [Retrospective]

Mother’s Day (1980) follows Abbey, Trina, and Jackie, who were roommates and best friends in college, as they embark on their annual weekend getaway. Each year, one of the girlfriends plans a surprise...

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day (2010) is a Solid Update of the Troma Classic

I expected for this Darren Lynn Bousman reboot to be in the style of ‘torture porn’ as Bousman’s previous films have. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see a great deal of restraint employed here...