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The Amityville house.

Doomed Domiciles: Horror Houses to Avoid at All Costs

Moving into your own place is a big step, and it can be scary. Whether you’re buying a house or renting an apartment, it’s a big commitment that requires a lot of consideration. You’ll have to worry a...

Blood is Blood

Blood Is Blood Is A Psychological Thriller Full Of Twists [Review]

Blood is Blood is gripping from beginning to end. The film centers around the four siblings of one of the most f**ked up families to ever grace the screen. Blood is Blood starts out strong, with stran...

American Horror story mansion up for rent at airbnb.

Want to Stay at the Actual American Horror Story Murder House? Here’s How!

Thanks to Airbnb, American Horror Story fans can check into the home where Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story: Murder House was filmed! The LA mansion was constructed in either 1908 or 1902 (dependin...