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Doomed Domiciles: Horror Houses to Avoid at All Costs

The Amityville house.

Moving into your own place is a big step, and it can be scary. Whether you’re buying a house or renting an apartment, it’s a big commitment that requires a lot of consideration. You’ll have to worry about expenses, the safety of the neighborhood, and most importantly, you’ll have to be sure that you will enjoy living there. On the surface, a house can look perfect, but there is always a history behind it. Some dwellings are far from perfect and others are downright dangerous.

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We want to help make the search for your new home a little easier. With Wicked Horror as your guide, you will know about every murder, death, haunting, and more that has occurred at the following residences. The domiciles outlined below should be avoided at all costs.

112 Ocean Avenue, Amityville New York

If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. The Amityville Horror finds George and Kathy Lutz purchasing a gorgeous colonial home on Ocean Avenue for a low, low price. They think all their dreams are about to come true but they could not be more wrong. They eventually discover the previous owners were murdered inside the house, and that the home rests atop a tribal burial ground. The family quickly starts experiencing strange phenomenon, like black ooze dripping from the walls, a room full of flies, and the exhibition of aggressive, unbecoming behavior by family members. The activities in the house were so severe that the occupants left suddenly and never returned. Everyone should follow the Lutz’s cue and stay far away from this home.

amityville horror house Bramford Apartment Complex in New York

When you’re young and trying to survive in New York, finding an affordable place to live can be tough. For Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse, their apartment search ended when they discovered the Bramford apartment building. It seemed like the perfect place to live until strange things began to happen. A young girl in the building recently committed suicide, and their next-door-neighbors, the Castevets are extremely pushy and nosy. Along with being annoying, most of the building’s tenants are also part of a Satanic cult. The place is great to live if you’re into that sort of thing. But if not, you should probably find someplace else to live.

rosemarys baby125 W. Ninth St. in Greenwich Village, New York

You may think that you know your neighbors but in actuality, you probably don’t. Everyone has their secrets. However, if you carelessly keep your blinds open, someone is bound to catch on. Rear Window sees L.B. Jeffries witnessing his neighbor murder his wife and soon after, Jeff is thrust into a dangerous situation. With the history of murder at the complex, the area isn’t very safe, and as we all know, history is inclined to repeat itself.

rearwindowloop2Murder House, Los Angeles, California

Some places just attract death and chaos, and the aptly titled Murder House is one of those places. The Harmon family was unaware of their home’s tragic history, and they paid for it, with their lives. Perhaps they were drawn to the house by destiny, or maybe they were just simply unlucky. Either way, stepping inside Murder House will be the worst decision you ever make, especially once you become acquainted with all of your undead roommates.

murder house american horror storyAlison Parker’s Brownstone Apartment in Brooklyn Heights, New York

If a priest sits watch at the top of a newly renovated Brooklyn Brownstone, you should probably ask why he is doing so. Unfortunately for The Sentinel’s Alison Parker, her desperation for a new dwelling keeps her from asking too many questions. Once Alison moves in, she experiences bouts of insomnia and terrible nightmares, and she hears strange noises from her upstairs neighbors. Then she discoverers that she doesn’t actually have neighbors, and that the priest sits watch because the building is a gateway to hell. Unless you want to undertake a full-time job as Hell’s gatekeeper, take a pass on this one.

The Sentinel House - Doomed domiciles
The Saeki House, Tokyo, Japan

The mythos behind Ju-On: The Grudge states that when someone dies in the grip of a powerful rage, their death will unleash a curse. The curse exists in the place where they died, and all who enter that place will die, as well. At the Saeki house, the curse began after Takeo Saeki murdered his wife, Kayako, and their son, Toshio, in a fit of jealous rage. Anyone who enters after that winds up dead: social workers, policemen, and an entire American family. Unless you want to be cursed to die a painful death, it’s probably best to never step foot inside this home.

the grudge houseThe Cuesta Verde Housing Development in California

In Poltergeist, the Freeling family moves into a beautiful, new housing development, expecting their suburban neighborhood to be quite safe. However, their new dwelling rests atop a cemetery, which angers the spirits of the dead. Under the guidance of a demon, the ghosts invade the Freeling home and communicate with their young daughter. Chaos ensues and the family has to fight for their lives before escaping the home. So, if you’re viewing a newly renovated home in a newly developed housing area, make sure that any burial grounds or cemeteries have been properly relocated.

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1_poltergeist-12Aunt Elizabeth’s House

When one inherits a house, they inherit all that comes with it. For author Roger Cobb, the protagonist in House, his late aunt’s estate seems like the perfect place to finish his next novel. But, the home is full of secrets—and a lot of monsters. Oh, and it is basically a front for an evil other world. If you can handle little critters, witches, and Vietnam-era zombies, this is the place for you! If not, steer clear of this home where the previous owner died under mysterious circumstances and garden tools move on their own.

House 1986The Perron Family Farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island

Fun fact: If a witch with ties to the Devil commits suicide on your newly acquired land and curses anyone who takes it from her, chances are you are f-ed. In The Conjuring, the Perron family is unaware of the witch and the curse when they move into their new farmhouse. Because of their home’s vicious past, they experience a great deal of paranormal activity and Mrs. Perron even becomes perilously possessed by a vengeful spirit. The witch is eventually exorcised, but you shouldn’t take any chances by moving in…unless you have a crack team of paranormal investigators on speed dial.

the-conjuring-movie-2013-desktop-hd-wallpaperCyrus Kriticos’ Mansion 

Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. But what if the glass house is full of vengeful spirits? Widower Arthur Kriticos and his family don’t know there are ghosts trapped in the basement of the house they have just inherited and they never really stop to question the Latin writing all over its walls. You should always question the Latin writing (or any other language for that matter) covering the walls of your new home. In 13 Ghosts, the family gets trapped in the house and has to fight off evil spirits to escape. But they had the help from a dead family member and a newly deceased psychic. Without the help of some friendly ghosts, your chances of surviving this place are very slim. Do you like your odds?

13 ghostsThe House of the Devil 

In the eighties, there was widespread panic regarding Satanic cults and ritual abuse. Some argued that it didn’t exist, but college student Samantha Hughes would be the first to tell you that it did—because she experienced it firsthand. Samantha takes a babysitting job for a mysterious, but seemingly harmless couple, Mr. and Mrs. Ulman. By the end of the night Samantha finds herself in the center of a Pentagram, recently impregnated with Satan’s baby. The House of the Devil is tarnished with evil and murder, and one is bound to experience its aftereffects. Don’t move into this dwelling unless you’re prepared to be a single parent to Satanic offspring!

house of the devil

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