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Bloody Hell Nightstream Film Festival Review

Bloody Hell Is A Brilliantly Bonkers Horror Comedy [Nightstream Film Festival Review]

Some guys have all the luck. Too bad Rex (Ben O’Toole), leading man of Alister Grierson‘s Bloody Hell, isn’t one of them. All he wants is to live an ordinary life after a stint in th...

An Unquiet Grave Nightstream Film Festival Review

An Unquiet Grave Unearths A Unique Perspective On Grief [Nightstream Film Festival Review]

An Unquiet Grave‘s title is slight variation on an English folk song, the sort of melancholy lovers’ lament that has been passed down through generations without losing an ounce of its poi...

Survival Skills Nightstream Film Festival Review

Survival Skills Is A Meta Mix Of VHS Visuals And The Systemic Nature Of Violence [Nightstream Film Festival Review]

Survival Skills opens with a nostalgic analog aesthetic, which will be familiar to those who’ve watched 2019’s VHYes, the television work of comedians Tim & Eric, or any number of Adul...

Detention is a Missed Opportunity [Nightstream Film Festival Review]

Detention is an adaptation of a 2016 Taiwanese horror adventure game released exclusively on Steam by Red Candle Games, which has already stormed the box office in its home country as well as in nearb...

Darkness Doesn’t Quite Reach The Bright Light Of Its Potential [Nightstream Film Festival Review]

The three sisters at the heart of Emanuela Rossi’s Darkness are something out of another era, with Peter Pan collared dresses and Gunne Sax style nightgowns, patiently waiting in the darkened ha...

It Cuts Deep Nightstream Film Festival Review

It Cuts Deep Never Even Scratches Horror Or Comedy [Nightstream Film Festival Review]

It Cuts Deep starts with the prototypical slasher film murder. Naughty teens decide to have sex instead of studying, and are promptly dispatched with a machete. Without explanation, we then jump cut t...

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