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Sorry Not Sorry, The Dark Tower Isn’t That Bad Of An Adaptation

After the constant stream of entertaining advertising for The Dark Tower, I decided to sit down in my local theater and see if the film lived up to the promise of the trailers (and everything else rel...

The Shallows

Has The Shallows Ushered In A New Era Of Sharksploitation?

As difficult as it is to be a slasher fanatic (particularly nowadays–eek), it’s even harder being obsessed with sharksploitation. I mean, there are very few movies to which the label truly...


Is It Just Me, Or Was Hannibal’s Third Season Its Worst?

In this regular series, a Wicked Horror writer presents an unpopular opinion about a particular genre offering and asks the oft-repeated question, “Is it just me?” In this installment, Joey Keogh argu...