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Let's Scare Jessica to Death

These Seven Haunted House Movies Are Severely Underrated

Tales of haunted houses and ghost stories make up the oldest and widest subgenre in horror. Before there were any horror films, there were ghost stories. Long before Shirley Jackson wrote The Haunting...

Michael J Fox in The Frighteners

Reassessing the Situation: Revisiting The Frighteners 20 Years Later

The Frighteners wasn’t a huge hit when it was first released. Audiences at the time didn’t really know what to make of it. It was horror, but it was comedy, and it was straddling both genres throughou...

Horror movie locations - horror movie villains still give us nightmares

Eight Horror Movie Locations So Powerful They Felt Like Characters

Location is extremely important in a horror movie. More often than not, they are isolated, confined places, which is what sparks the horror itself. Sometimes these places become so characterized as ev...