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Stephen King Sequels

The Six Most Baffling Stephen King Sequels

Stephen King is responsible for more film adaptations than any other living author. And most of the adapted works are from his horror catalogue. Most horror movies have sequels. Because of this, it’s ...

Jason Goes to Hell

Seven “Disappointing” Sequels That Actually Aren’t That Bad

Horror movie fans have very, very mixed opinions on sequels. Some of them just don’t think sequels should be made, period. That they destroyed the horror genre and made it impossible for them to enjoy...

Pet Sematary Two

Why Pet Sematary Two is Much Better Than You Think

No Stephen King story needed a sequel less than Pet Sematary. I don’t think there’s any point in debating that. Aside from maybe Rage, it’s the most unrelentingly dark tome he ever wrote. It’s a moral...