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Negative Space #1 [Comic Review]

Negative Space is an extremely promising new comic and I can’t wait to see how it develops. The plot is still somewhat mysterious but centers around a shadowy organization that mines the depths of hum...

21st Century Tank Girl [Advance Comic Review]

Trying to describe Tank Girl to someone who has never picked up one of these books before is kind of like trying to describe an acid trip. In the most basic of terms, Tank Girl is a girl that lives in...

Ladies of the House

Advance Review: Ladies of the House

Ladies of the House is the kind of rape/revenge horror we don’t see much of anymore. It’s about three guys out enjoying an evening at a strip club when they get the horrible, horrible idea to follow o...

Advance Review: Eli Roth Presents Clown

Coulrophobia (fear of clowns) is something from which at least one of your friends or family members will claim to suffer. The general consensus is that clowns are scary, not funny, and that they shou...

Phantom of the Opera 89

Advance Review: Phantom of the Opera (1989) Blu-Ray

The Phantom of the Opera arrives this week on Blu-Ray from Scream Factory, which has become legendary in the past couple of years for giving a fantastic treatment to cult movies you would never expect...

The Devil Incarnate poster

Review: The Devil Incarnate

[soliloquy id=”14296″] The Devil Incarnate is the first film from indie filmmaker L. Gustavo Cooper, who previously garnered attention by way of his his short film Velvet Road. Devil Incar...

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