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Alex Kane’s Top 5 Horror Movies of 2023

2023 was a great year for movies. Even though there was turmoil galore within the business, as a consumer of the product, it was more than satisfactory. Obviously, the big-ticket item of the year was ...

Scream 4

Here’s What Most Fans Don’t Comprehend About Scream

I love the Scream movies, as many fans do. I don’t think Scream, as a franchise, is necessarily divisive, but I do think that both the people who do and don’t like it are passionately vocal. But one o...

Scream 4

10 Years Later, Let’s Acknowledge Scream 4 is a Perfect Movie

Scream 4 does something pretty remarkable for a slasher sequel by capturing everything we loved about the original movie while also staking a claim for itself as a compelling, fresh take on its mythos...

ghostface killer with his killing tool from the successful franchise scream by wes craven.

Why Scream 4 Made it Harder for Scream: The TV Series to Succeed

While the first season of MTV’s Scream opened to mixed reviews, those who stuck around for the second season were pleasantly surprised. I think, personally, that it is a strong show that gives us a ne...


Review: Scream Season One Box Set

MTV’s Scream: The Series was renewed for a second season almost immediately after its premiere, due to strong viewer response. Fans of the show won’t have to wait long for the debut of the...

Scream 4

A Brief History of Meta Horror

Meta horror is something we’re starting to see less of now, which makes sense on one hand because it was pretty much capped with Cabin in the Woods. That was the ultimate statement on horror movies ma...

Scream 4

Top Five Demands for Scream 5 (If it Ever Happens)

Scream 5 may never happen, and to be honest, I’m perfectly fine with that. Wes Craven helmed all four previous films and he’s gone, so it would feel a little weird to just pick up as if nothing had ha...

horror on TV 2015 - Scream

Scream Recap: Episode 8

Welcome back to our weekly Scream recap. Just a reminder, for those who have not yet seen the episode or last week’s episode, we’ll be jumping into pretty major spoilers right off the bat....

horror on TV 2015 - Scream

Scream Recap: Episode 6

This episode is almost entirely devoted to the characters trying to uncover the identity of the killer, tossing out numerous red herrings along the way. Audrey is brought in for questioning after her ...

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