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Scream Recap: Episode 6

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This episode is almost entirely devoted to the characters trying to uncover the identity of the killer, tossing out numerous red herrings along the way. Audrey is brought in for questioning after her DNA was found on the mask uncovered at the crime scene. Now, for a lot of people, Audrey was their suspect right from the very beginning. Considering she’s been brought in for questioning, that would ideally cross her off the suspect list or put her near the bottom. It hits the peak of being too obvious.

On the other hand, Billy Loomis was brought in for questioning as well. When you’re the obvious suspect, actually having to confront the police does quite a bit to make your involvement seem less plausible. There have been quite a few parallels between the show and the original film so far, after all. But like a lot of things, it’s a little too obvious, considering that it is the exact route the original film took.

Scream: Episode 6

The Will and Jake subplot is wearing thin. In some ways, it felt like it hit its peak last week and now it’s growing a little tired. Jake is beyond redemption at this point, there are no softer side to his character, not even in his friendship with Brooke. If anything, he’s taking advantage of her vulnerability. He’s already very intentionally manipulating her into turning on Will, using what is very likely evidence of her mother’s murder and feeling nothing, only seeing an opportunity. One that he has proven more than ready to exploit. But that doesn’t make Will a saint. He’s simply in a Hell of his own making.

All the evidence is stacked against Audrey, so that makes guessing the killer a little tough this week. But I’ve been wondering since virtually the beginning if Brandon James was truly responsible for the Brandon James murders. This week absolutely supports that idea, now that we have the rest of the story and everything that Emma’s mother has been holding back. Well, a lot more, at least. It’s very unlikely that she’s actually said everything she knows on the subject.

Noah’s exchange with Mr. Branson is more than a little suspicious considering that it happens entirely off-screen. Noah gives a recap, yes, but that’s a very different thing from seeing it. Especially on a show where everyone is a suspect. While I’m not in love with the idea of Noah being a killer, I have to admit that he and Mr. Branson would be an interesting pairing if they turned out be responsible. But I’m pretty far from convinced that either one is guilty at this point.

Scream: Episode 6 dream sequenceThis episode also heavily supports those who have been suspecting Emma’s mother. Whatever really happened, she had a connection with Brandon James. That much is now crystal clear. If he really did kill those people, it’s looking more and more likely that she was a part of it. Especially with Emma’s father still being totally absent. Whether she was in love with Brandon James and is devoted to his memory, or even training a copy cat, a lot of possibilities have suddenly opened up. Hell, this week could even open up the possibility that Brandon James is still alive.

If anything, episode 6 was devoted to creating some entirely new twists and turns for the show so that there is no shortage of suspense as we head into the back half of the season. More than ever, Scream is feeling like a movie stretched out over the course of a season. A lot of things have been put into place and while no questions have necessarily been answered yet, we’re clearly gearing up for the third act.

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