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Silent Night, Deadly Night - Holiday Horror

Four Unforgettable Kills from Christmas Horror

With the Christmas season comes the essential holiday viewing. For most people, this includes movies like A Christmas Story, A Charlie Brown Christmas and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer but for the ho...

Killer Dolls Featured Image

And Ode To The Lesser Known Killer Dolls of Horror Cinema

Few tropes have been as long-lasting in horror as the killer doll motif. While vampire, werewolf and haunted house movies have had a tendency to fall in and out of fashion at random intervals, movies ...

Silent Night Deadly Night 3

Mute Moseley: The Undeniable Weirdness of Silent Night Deadly Night 3

Silent Night, Deadly Night was sure to have a sequel before it even came out. Back in the ‘80s, it didn’t take a lot for a horror movie to get at least one. However successful it may have been, Silent...

Silent Night, Deadly Night

Nine Reasons Silent Night Deadly Night Defines ‘80s Horror

Everybody’s got their favorite holiday movies. For some folks, it’s A Christmas Story, for others, It’s A Wonderful Life or Christmas Vacation. But in my household, there’s just one movie that we righ...

Silent Night, Deadly Night - Holiday Horror

Top 3 Creepiest Cinematic Santas

Behind all of the bright lights, stars and ginger bread cookies is a dark world with creepy Santas! Christmas can be frightening holiday from the fat man in red suit watching you sleep and calling you...

Silent Night, Deadly Night

Why Silent Night, Deadly Night Works Way Better Than it Should

Silent Night, Deadly Night caused a huge outrage when it was released in 1984. In fact, it was probably among the biggest movie controversies of all time. It wasn’t necessarily more violent than other...


Zena S. Dixon’s Top Five Christmas Horror Films

It’s December; therefore, it’s officially the holiday season. But that doesn’t mean you should skip out on horror films! Below are five of my personal favorite Holiday Horror Films. ...

Silent Night, Deadly Night

Viewing Guide: The Silent Night, Deadly Night Series

There are a lot of names that immediately come to mind when people think of horror franchises. Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Halloween. Hellraiser and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre als...

Silent Night, Deadly Night.

Fright Rags Unveils A Silent Night, Deadly Night Box Set!

Fright Rags is at it again, this time with a Silent Night, Deadly Night box set. The collection retails for $125.00 and it includes a new SNDN T-Shirt, a handmade ornament depicting the most memorable...

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