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Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

Scream 2 - original versions of horror movies that were awful

Six Horror Sequels With Subtle References You May Have Missed

Fans love to pick apart their favorite movies and franchises. There are threads upon threads of fan theories, some of them interesting, and some of them completely insane—but still interesting in some...

Scream 4

10 Witty Horror Movies as Funny as They Are Scary

Horror comedies are extremely hard to pull off. Yet, despite that, comedy and horror are more entwined than any two other genres. Both of them completely come down to timing. Setting up a scare and se...

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

How Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 Set itself Apart from the Original And Why it Worked

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is one of the most notorious horror movies ever made. People see whatever they want to see in it. Whether it be a commentary on Vietnam or an allegory about the meat indus...

Texas Chainsaw Dinner Scene

The Saw is Family: Remembering Tobe Hooper

John Carpenter, Wes Craven, George Romero, Tobe Hooper. These weren’t just the first horror directors I knew, they were—other than Steven Spielberg—the first directors I knew, period. These were the f...


Five Horror Comedies That are Worth Another Look

Horror comedy is one of the most accessible sub-genres. After all, most people who watch horror movies are looking to laugh at them anyway. When done right, the balance of scares and humor will cause ...

Bill Moseley

Interview: Bill Moseley Talks The Possession Experiment

Bill Moseley is, simply put, a legend of the horror genre. With a career spanning over thirty years, he’s been in dozens upon dozens of different movies. He’s appeared in several seminal horror films ...

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

Scream Factory Announces Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 Blu-ray

The folks at Scream Factory have just announced plans to release The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 on Blu-ray. The announcement states that the title will street sometime before Summer of 2016. It also re...

Poster for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

Noteworthy Heroines of Horror: Stretch from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

Noteworthy Heroines of Horror is a recurring segment on Wicked Horror where we shine the spotlight on a female character from the annals of horror history that has made a significant contribution to t...

Tobe Hooper

Disaster/Artist: The Mind-Boggling Career of Tobe Hooper

Of all the masters of horror, Tobe Hooper has the most confounding career. He’s done enough to earn the title, but not enough to stand comfortably beside contemporaries like John Carpenter and Wes Cra...

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