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Real-life crimes blamed on movies

These Seven Movies Were Blamed for Real-Life Crimes

Horror movies are frequently blamed for any number of things. People say that something has to be wrong with somebody who watches horror. The movies are even blamed for violence in general. If violent...

Are Horror Movies Ruining Our Children?

Most parents actively shield and protect their children from the harsh realities of the world. Through the years, there have been claims that early exposure to certain types of media is severely damag...

Horror Performances by A-List Actors Misery 1990 - Horror movies with an incredibly simple premise

Seven Great Horror Performances by A-List Actors

Acting is often hit or miss in the horror genre, which is why horror fans are so eager to latch onto good performances. Horror is a great way for actors to get their start, which is why so many perfor...

Children in Horror Novels

Six Children in Horror Stories You Might Hesitate to Save

They don’t care if you think they’re too young for such scary stuff. Children in horror novels won’t go quietly to bed. They’re often the characters we remember the most and writers know it. They can ...

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Seven Horror Movies Almost Ruined by Their Own Hype

I love getting excited for movies, I love when horror flicks become popular and impact the cultural zeitgeist. That’s something that should always be celebrated. It’s a good thing when a horror f...


William Friedkin: Interviews Peeks into Director’s Mind [Book Review]

William Friedkin was one of the biggest directors of the 1970s. He struck it big in 1971 with the crime thriller The French Connection and had other hits throughout his fifty year career in film. Undo...

Cursed Films

Shudder’s Cursed Films Deftly Explores Bewitched Cinema [Review]

Cursed Films is a series that recently premiered its debut episode on Shudder. The show highlights the hexed histories of some horror classics. The horror genre manifests occult-oriented oddities by i...

Exorcist Actor Max von Sydow Passes Away At 90

Recently, it was announced that beloved veteran actor Max von Sydow has passed away. Sydow has film and television credits for over 150 different roles, including 3 Days of the Condor, Ghostbusters II...

Exorcist III

Exorcist III is One of the Most Overlooked Horrors of the 1990’s

The Exorcist is known in many circles as one of the greatest horror movies ever made. It deserves its reputation. And given that the first follow up effort was a colossal disappointment, it made sense...

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