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The Omen - Damien

A&E’S Damien Unleashes First Teaser Trailer

The A&E series Damien has dropped a new teaser featuring Bradley James in the titular role. We have it available for you to scope after the jump.  So, head inside and have a look. The sequel serie...

The Omen - Damien

Damien Series Has a New Network Home

We have learned that the Lifetime sequel series Damien will no longer be airing on the Lifetime network. Head inside for details on where you will be able to catch the show upon its premiere. 

freddy krueger from nightmare on elm street

Facts You Might Not Know About Your Favorite Horror

Many horror fans love obscure and random facts about their favorite horror films, and that’s no exception here. Read more below for some facts you might not know about your favorite horror movie...

Horror soundtracks can make or break a movie, find out the scariest here.

Soundtrack Scares- Tunes Of Terror

For horror films, the soundtrack can turn a movie from slightly scary to god damn creepy. Many horror movies have done an excellent job at producing scores and soundtracks that are meant to scare the ...

The Omen, directed by John Moore.

The Omen 2006 is a Totally Pointless Retread

The Omen 2006 follows the plight of Katherine and Robert, who are Americans living in Rome. The pair are about to become parents for the first time. But there is a complication and Katherine loses the...

article on some of the horrible boys of horror including damien from the omen and toshio from the grudge including a few more

Creepy Horror Kids- The Badass Boys

Children can be frightening at the best of times – they’re loud, filthy and hyper from overdosing on sugar. These scary kids from horror movies are both the reasons why we watch them, and ...

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