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Creepy Horror Kids- The Badass Boys

article on some of the horrible boys of horror including damien from the omen and toshio from the grudge including a few more

Children can be frightening at the best of times – they’re loud, filthy and hyper from overdosing on sugar. These scary kids from horror movies are both the reasons why we watch them, and why after we watch them, we sleep with the lights on. Don’t be fooled by their size, these kids are absolutely terrifying. Read on below for some of our top picks for the badass boys of horror. Let us know who you find the creepiest in our comments box provided below!


Satan in the form of a young human boy, Damien, is the cursed child of the devil with the interesting tattoo and the bad attitude towards anyone brave enough to try and stop daddy’s plans. Damien is the Antichrist. Literally.

His demonic stare could penetrate right through to your soul and fill it with dread. You don’t want to mess with this little prick, I mean Thorn.

Played by Harvey Stephens in horror classic, The Omen, directed by Richard Donner, D boy was enough to make anyone think twice about baby plans.

“It’s all for you Damien!”

damien from the hit demonic movie The Omen from 1976 directed by richard donner

ISAAC CHRONER- Children of the Corn

In the Children of the Corn, directed by Fritz Kiersch and written by Stephen King, Isaac Chroner is the high-pitched preacher boy who brainwashes all of the Gatlin town kids.

The children all begin to worship a corn creeper, dubbed “He Who Walks Among Us”- A demonic entity who inhabits the cornfields that surround the town.

Led by Isaac, the children become an adult hating town, killing any passing people over the age of 18.

The actor who played him – John Franklin – had growth hormone deficiency which accounts for the high pitched voice.

Seemingly you can’t keep a good creepy kid down, as trying to sacrifice Isaac himself DOES NOT WORK.

Isaac the leader of the children in Gatlin who kill and sacrifice any humans who come into the town for he who walks among us

GAGE CREED- Pet Semetary

Pet Semetary, directed by Mary Lambert (taken from another Stephen King novel), gave us cute little Creed. Alive you want to hug him and squeeze him, but dead, he is one creepy kid that wants to cut your throat.

Not only does Gage suffer a horrific death and is buried amongst a bunch of malevolent spirits by his seemingly stupid father Louis, he comes back to slice and dice.

After killing the elderly neighbor and his mother, Gage then phones his father – “Come play with me daddy! First I played with Jud and then I played with mommy. I had an awful good time. Now I want to play with youuu!”

Miko Hughes played the delightfully terrifying Gage, and played it well.

Kids are precious folks!

gage from the stephen king novel pet sematary when after being killed is buried in a malevolent cemetery by his father, only to come back to try and kill the family

TOSHIO SAEKI- Ju-on The Grudge

Toshio aka cat-screeching-boy, from Ju-on: The Grudge, directed by Takashi Shimizu, is one kid that manages to pop up everywhere and scare the living daylight out of you.

With his pale, dead pan look that’s freaky enough, once he opens his mouth it’s pure crapping pants material. And don’t even get me started on his jagged walking, long-haired creepy mother!

If he ever pops up while you’re eating dinner, sleeping, climbing the stairs, looking out of the window, ya know, whatever, just know that you’re dead. Kudos to actor Yuya Ozeki.


toshio from the hit ju on: the grudge films in which america did an american version

TOMAS- The Orphanage

Masks are always creepy. On kids in a nightgown with a potato sack over their head…well, enough said really.

Tomas is the poor orphan boy with the deformed face who loves to play hide and seek. When your child says he has an imaginary friend, think twice before dismissing it.

Directed by J.A. Bayona, The Orphanage, starred Óscar Casas as the creepy Tomas. While Oscar may have had an easier job than some child actors as his face was hidden, he still managed to play the weird kid extremely well.

This movie teaches us that all missing children need to be found. Or maybe not. (Just kidding!)

the potato sack wearing deformed boy from the hit film The Orphanage

BARTO- The Unborn

Barto is the veiny-skinned, blue-eyed, spooky Jewish dybbuk child who haunts a family across three generations.

This dybbuk demon boy inhabits the body of the dead, and the living (and dogs wearing masks) to carry out his evil deeds, seeking their death as a gateway to physical existence.

Directed by David S. Goyer, The Unborn, starred Ethan Cutkosky who has the characteristics of the badass creepy kid down.

With the power to break your back (literally), when one child isn’t enough, The Unborn proves twins are definitely hard work.

“Jumby wants to be born now.”

barto who is a demonic unborn child that wishes to be born as so he can do the evil deeds he wants to upon the world

Who is your favorite creepy horror kid from above? If your favorite badass boy isn’t listed, let us know in the comments box below!

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