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Rocky Horror

Eight Gothic Horror Movies That Broke from Tradition

Gothic horror has a longstanding tradition of being moody, melodramatic and—on film, at least—visually driven from its production design down to its costuming. When the silent era and the Universal mo...

Easter Eggs in Horror Movies

Five Great Easter Eggs Hidden in Horror Movies

Filmmakers love to reference other filmmaker’s work, and this is especially true in the horror genre. The Scream franchise is built upon movie references and in-jokes. It ushered in an age of meta hor...


Event Recap: MegaCon 2017

For many comic, anime and gaming fans, MegaCon is the massive celebratory geek event that they look forward to all year long. For someone used to the intimacy of a horror convention like Spooky Empire...

Rocky Horror 2016

Review: Rocky Horror is a Dazzling, Surprising Tribute to the Original!

Despite the fact that I wrote a piece telling people that it doesn’t hurt to be excited for the new Rocky Horror, I obviously had some reservations. I wanted it to be the best that it could be and the...


Exclusive Interview: Dave Thompson Talks Rocky Horror Picture Show FAQ

Author Dave Thompson has written over 100 books to date, many of which focus on rock and pop music icons. One of his most recent releases hones in on beloved cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show...

Rocky Horror

Why it Doesn’t Hurt to be Optimistic About the Rocky Horror Remake

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is being remade and nobody appears to be happy about it. I mean that’s usually how it goes with remakes, but this one really has people upset. Like Ghostbusters reboot up...

Rocky Horror

Rocky Horror Reboot to Star Tim Curry!!!!

FOX is reporting that cinematic icon and original Rocky Horror star Tim Curry will be back for the televised reboot of the cult classic. Head past the jump for all the details on that and more!

Phantom of the Paradise poster

Five Horror Musicals That Actually Work

The horror genre has had a long history with musicals, believe it or not. Every time a new one arises, people, for whatever reason, seem to think it’s the first, but that’s far from the case. There ar...