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Zoe Graham in Scare Package 3

Actress Zoe Graham Talks Final Girls, Horror Movies, and Scare Package [Interview]

Austin native Zoe Graham has enjoyed a fascinating career trajectory thus far, appearing in take-notice roles in the likes of Boyhood, Secret in their Eyes, and Support the Girls. With Scare Package, ...

Angela Bettis in 12 Hour Shift

12 Hour Shift is a Twisted, Anarchic, Feminist AF Delight [Review]

12 Hour Shift is the sophomore feature from one Brea Grant, who horror fans will be intimately familiar with as an actor in the likes of Dexter, Beyond the Gates, After Midnight, the recent Lucky, whi...

Kate Sheil & Kentucker Audley in She Dies Tomorrow by Amy Seimetz

She Dies Tomorrow is a Perplexingly Involving Offering from Amy Seimetz [Review]

She Dies Tomorrow is the sophomore feature from prolific actress Amy Seimetz. And, as befitting someone whose eclectic career has encompassed the likes of You’re Next, Lean on Pete, and the ghas...

Poppy Roe and Katie Brayben in A Serial Killer's Guide to Life

Murder is Self Help in A Serial Killer’s Guide to Life [Review]

A Serial Killer’s Guide to Life is a devilishly clever title for a horror-comedy, immediately invoking the kinds of dark, twisted thoughts many of us harbor about those irritating strangers who ...

female killers Asami (Eihi Shiina) getting ready to engage in some torture in Takashi Miike's Audition.

Violent Femmes: Eight Horror Movies With Badass Female Killers

Horror is often thought of as a boys’ club. The slasher genre is dominated by guys like Jason, Freddy, Michael Myers, and Leatherface. Women tend to fill the role of victim or heroine–some...

Gwen is a Hugely Impressive Debut and a Killer Showcase for Two Massive Female Talents [Review]

Gwen, the first feature from writer-director William McGregor, has drawn comparisons to another stunning debut, The Witch, due to its chilly atmosphere, old-timey setting, and strong, young female lea...

Clea DuVall - Scream queens you probably don't think of as scream queens

Seven Scream Queens You Probably Don’t Think of as Scream Queens

We all have our favorite scream queens: Jamie Lee Curtis, Heather Langenkamp, Ashley Laurence, and Neve Campbell are a few names that come to mind when the conversation turns to standout female horror...

The Top 11 Months to Celebrate Women in Horror Now That February Has Ended

February, Women in Horror Month, ended three weeks ago.  The fun and support for women doesn’t need to stop with the shortest month of the year. Here are the top 11 other months to celebrate women in ...

Wes Craven Movies New Nightmare

Women in Horror Talk Wes Craven’s New Nightmare

The 2017 Women in Horror Film Festival saw female writers, producers, directors and actresses gathered in Fayetteville, GA to celebrate diversity in the horror genre. The festival held a special scree...

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