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Creepy Halloween Treats You Can Make Yourself

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It’s nearly our favorite time of year again. That time when everything has a spooky twist to it. Halloween is here and if you’re planning to have a horrifyingly good party, why not whip up some fun snacks in honor of the holiday?

Marshmallow Ghouls 

These super cute and super simple ghouls are sure to go over great at Halloween. Just grab a few marshmallows and carefully poke in eye-holes with a knife. Add chocolate chips for “eyes”, and for some of the ‘mallows you could also add raspberry or strawberry jam for a “blood” or “brains” effect. (Photo credit: Linnea Covington)

Marshmallow ghouls for the halloween holiday season. Easy to make at home.

 Eyeball Soup 

A wicked bloody bowl of fresh eyeballs will surely raise an eyebrow at dinner. This delicious and creepy looking Halloween treat is easily made with your favorite tomato soup. Mozzarella balls will be the “eyeballs”, slices of green olives makes the irises, with peppercorns perfect for the pupils. (Photo credit: Linnea Covington)

Spooky eyeball soup made out of tomato soup, mozzarella balls and olives topped with peppercorns.

Evil Eye Apples 

For a healthy Halloween treat option (not it’s not a trick) how about evil apples? Grab an apple and carve a giant evil eye into it. Color the cornea with dampened dried blueberry. Carve out a tiny hole where the pupil should be and stick a blueberry in there. Display it or use for a spooky addition to your bobbing apples. (Photo credit: Linnea Covington) 

Evil eye apple for Halloween.

Hot Dog Mummies 

How awesome are these?! All you need is a package of hot dogs and a tube of ready-to-bake crescent rolls. Break apart the dough triangles and cut them into strips a half-inch wide. Then wrap one triangle worth of the strips around each hot dog, leaving a little opening at the top for the eyes. Bake in the oven at 375°F for about 10 minutes, until slightly golden, and add eyes with dots of Sriracha before serving. (Photo credit: Linnea Covington)

Hotdog mummies for a spooky and creepy Halloween treat.

Fruity Frankenstein 

All you need for the fruity Frankenstein’s are some kiwis, a paring knife, candy corn, pretzel sticks, a strawberry, and something for the eyes, such as dried blueberries. Take the knife and lightly carve a zigzag pattern on the kiwi where you’d like the hairline to be. Continue the line around to the back of the kiwi, dipping it to where the hairdo should end. Make sure the line is continuous all around the fruit. Then carefully peel the brown skin away from the face of your monster. From here you can keep chiseling features into your kiwi. Pop in some eyes, add bolts to the side of the neck with pretzels or candy corn, and make a mouth with thin slices of strawberry. (Photo credit: Linnea Covington) 

Fruity Frankensteins for Halloween.

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