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Creepy Horror Kids – The Scary Girls

Why Exorcism Movies Have to Try Harder to Be Different - Possession Movies - The infamous exorcism movie directed by William Friedkin and written by William Peter Blatty.

Children can be frightening at the best of times – they’re loud, filthy and hyper from overdosing on sugar. These scary kids from horror movies are both the reasons why we watch them, and why after we watch them, we sleep with the lights on. Don’t be fooled by their size, these kids are absolutely terrifying. Read on below for some of our top picks for the scary girls of horror. Let us know who you find the creepiest in our comments box provided below!


Possibly the Queen, or should I say, Princess, of all scary girls. Regan Macneil from The Exorcist, directed by William Friedkin, was the possessed, potty mouthed, pea spewing girl of the 70’s that had a lot of people crapping their pants.

Spiders are scary enough, but a little girl with demon troubles walking backwards down the stairs are things nightmares are made of. Kudos to Linda Blair who pulled off the character perfectly, making us believe that no matter how terrifying, damn right obscene (kids don’t talk to your mother like that), or ugly she became, innocent Regan was still in there. Somewhere.

There’s nothing like a demonic little girl to keep you up at night.

Linda Blair who played Regan in the successful and widely known exorcist film.

CAROL ANNE- Poltergeist

When a cute, blonde haired little girl says “They’re heeeeeere” in a tone of happy terror, you should know you’re stuffed. Directed by Tobe Hooper and starring Heather O’Rourke who played Carol Anne, Poltergeist, is a classic among the horrors. Sadly Heather passed away at only twelve years old, but she will forever be known for her icon character.

If your little girl has conversations with the TV static, move her away, no actually just move house. And chuck away any dolls. Especially those that look like clowns.

the cute blonde haired beauty played by the late Heather 0'rourke in the infamous poltergeist movie


(spoiler alert!) Okay so technically NOT a girl but Ester plays one hell of a good creepy young lady.

Young girls with that evil twinkle in their eyes are bad enough, but an actual woman with a manipulative streak pretending to be a young girl is just pure evil. Esther Coleman or should I say Leanna Klammer, is the foreign compulsive liar who worms her way into being adopted by a loving family, only to try and seduce the father and kill the rest of them. How lovely.

Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra and starring Vera Farmiga, Hunger Games actress Isabelle Fuhrman who played Esther was captivating and played the role extremely well.

Hide your make-up. And your man.

the young manipulative leanna klammer who claimed to be a young girl in order to seduce the coleman father and kill the rest of the family

ELI- Let the Right One In

Directed by Tomas Alfredson and starring Lina Leandersson, Let the Right One, was a bloody fresh take on the vampire genre.

Lina as Eli was surprisingly sweet and subtle, but creepy enough to have you wondering whether you’d like to give her a hug, or grab a stake to stick through her heart.

Able to move at lightning speed and scale buildings, this quick and agile little girl is one scary little girl you wouldn’t be able to out-run.

Become her friend and you may be safe. The best anti-bullying campaign there is, Eli, can solve any problems regarding being picked on by dismembering and bloodsucking those bullies. Take that bullies.

the swedish version of let the right one in with lina leandersson that was american remade with chloe moretz


One scary little girl you really do not want to receive a phone call from.

Samara Morgan from The Ring, directed by Gore Verbinski, is the freaky jagged walking, pale, long haired little girl. Her stare will have your face looking like you’ve been hit by a shovel, been on the most terrifying roller-coaster ever and seen a ghost. All at the same time.

If you were to watch ‘that tape’, Samara, played by Daveigh Elizabeth Chase, gave you seven days to live. That was nice of her. Spend those days trying to get someone else to watch that deadly VHS.

Stick to DVDs and Netflix and you should be fine. But get a cage to put around the TV, just in case.

the young and evil morgan adopted child who caused destruction and death to many, especially those who watched a video tape after her death.


The ever-so-sweet girl who was given a new beginning by an unsuspecting social worker.

Anyone that upsets, annoys or makes her angry will feel the wrath or her capabilities. Clever, cunning and cold, Lily Sullivan stars in Case 39 directed by Christian Alvart. She will feed off your fears and make you or your loved ones die in the way that terrifies you most.

She is not a little girl, she is evil, and actress Jodelle Ferland from Silent Hill, portrays the character perfectly.

Just don’t yell at her otherwise you’ll see her angry face. I mean scary face.

What is it with these adopted horror kids?

lilith is rescued by a social worker played by renee zellweger but she is really an evil entity intent on causing havoc to those around here when she doesnt get her way.

Who is your favorite creepy horror kid from above? If your favorite scary girl isn’t listed, let us know in the comments box below!

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