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Ten Things You Might Not Have Known About Rosemary’s Baby

Rosemary grabs a knife in Roman Polanski's 1968 horror film Rosemary's Baby.

Horror fans are unlike any other breed of cinephile. We go to great lengths to unearth little known facts about our favorite feature films. Because of that, it’s a challenge to find trivia that will pass fact checking and surprise dedicated fans. But, in spite of that, we have taken it upon ourselves to attempt to unearth some lesser-known details about Roman Polanski’s classic horror film Rosemary’s Baby. Read on for the top ten things you probably didn’t know about Rosemary’s Baby.

Jane Fonda was reportedly approached to play Rosemary

Fonda was reportedly offered the part but ultimately declined due to her involvement with the 1968 film Barbarella.

Tony Curtis has a small role in the film

Tony Curtis provided the voice of the actor who was suddenly blinded. Rosemary speaks to him on the phone in one scene.

Frank Sinatra served Mia Farrow with divorce papers during the production of Rosemary’s Baby

It is rumored that the legendary singer expected actress Mia Farrow to give up her career when the pair were married. To express his displeasure with her decision to take the role in Rosemary’s Baby, he had Farrow served with divorce papers during production.

Paramount green lit Rosemary’s Baby on the condition that William Castle would not direct

William Castle optioned the film rights to Ira Levin’s novel. However,  Paramount didn’t really want Castle to direct the picture. They were concerned with his tendency to be involved with low-budget horror titles. The studio wanted a more respectable name attached. And as we know Paramount eventually settled on Polish film director Roman Polanski.

William Castle purchased the film rights to the book before it was published

William Castle got ahold of an advance copy of the manuscript prior to the books release. He was so impressed with it that he went about optioning the film rights before the book had even hit stores.

Mia Farrow performs on the film’s soundtrack

The actress is credited for the lullaby that plays in concert with the film’s opening credits.

The devil suit was reportedly used in a different film several years later

It’s been suggested that the devil suit from the impregnation scene in Rosemary’s Baby was later worn in the film Asylum of Satan.

Robert Redford and Jack Nicholson were both considered for the role of Guy

Jack Nicholson was deemed too menacing for the role. Robert Redford is said to have had a legal dispute with Paramount that kept him from being cast.

Bram Stoker inspired the name of the building used in the film

The building – which is located in Manhattan – is actually called The Dakota. But the name used in the film is The Bramford. This is said to be a reference to the legendary Bram Stoker.

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