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Top Five Things We Wish Weren’t True About the Deep Web

The Deep Web compromises 96% of the known Internet using the Onion Server and can be accessed by such programs as TOR, while what we know as Google, Facebook, Etsy etc. is on the clear web, sties like that only make up 4% of the internet. Unfortunately, just like the Deep Web’s name suggests, it holds darker aspects of humanity and the atrocities we commit against one another. There is speculation that it was created by the US military to share information anonymously and to monitor others at home and abroad; considering the military created the Internet, this may not be too far from the truth. However, the Deep Web has expanded to housing organizations like the hacker collective Anonymous, and also shelters illegal drug and weapons trades. By using Bitcoin, an Internet currency that converts real money to a standard that everyone can use, it protects the buyers and the sellers from prosecution. This is a list of the top things we wish weren’t happening on the Deep Web.

Disclaimer: If you, or anyone you know, attempts to get on the Deep Web, please be safe! Do not access it unless you have programs to protect your identity and location!

Illegal Arms trade

On the Deep Web, there are numerous sites where you can buy illegal guns, usually AKs or other high caliber weapons. These guns can be bought by anyone with the necessary means. They are shipped in pieces to your house, so assembly is required. There are tons of these types of websites in existence with an example of Armory included in this article.


Snuff Films

Yes, these actually exist and are not nothing life what is depicted in the movies.They are horrifyingly real. Peter Gerard Scully was arrested in 2015 for the murder of numerous young girls in the Philippines with his 17 year old partner. He orchestrated a snuff film called Daisy’s Destruction that entailed a young girl being viciously beaten, sexually assaulted, and eventually killed.

26966DCD00000578-0-image-a-4_1426336131497Cannibalism Forums

Cannibalism Forums are used by people who wish to intricately discuss their own sexual fetishes and violent fantasies that revolve around cannibalism. The site pictured below was actually used by Armin Meiwes in 2001 when he advertised for a willing person to be killed and cannibalized. Shockingly enough, Bernd Jurgen Armando Brandes answered the ad and signed a consent form and consented on camera while Meiwes proceeded to fulfill his fantasy. Four years later Meiwes was convicted and found guilty of murder in his native county of Germany and is still serving life in prison.


Pedophile Forums

Because of the Deep Web’s  anonymity Pedophiles have found refuge in forums such as Violent Desires,  sharing their stories or even photographs. It is graphic and disgusting, but many who explore the Deep Web forward such images and videos to the proper authorities. The FBI and CIA have shut down several sites, but unfortunately because of how big the Deep Web is they keep popping up.


Red Rooms

The infamous Red Rooms are live torture streams that are membership invitation only and cost thousands of dollars per month.  They are sort of an urban legend on the regular Onion server. You have to go really deep inside the Deep Web in order to find them. There are chat rooms correlating to the live streams were members can direct the action of the stream.


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