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Gift Guide: Stranger Things Demogorgon Figurine

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Gift Guide is a recurring segment on Wicked Horror where we showcase macabre inspired gift ideas for you or the horror fan in your life. Have an idea for something we should feature on Gift Guide? Let us know in the comments below. On this installment, we showcase the must-have Demogorgon statue for Stranger Things fanatics.

Netflix’s energetic eighties throwback Stranger Things was one of the biggest, and most surprising, hits of the year. Season two was recently confirmed to be on the way in 2017, with the original cast returning, as series creators the Duffer brothers feel there are more stories to tell with them–a relief for anyone who’s suffering from anthology fatigue.

The Demogorgon, i.e. the terrifying creature from the Upside Down that terrorised the group of kids at the heart of the show, was one of the most talked-about elements of the show (even if, up close, it looked a bit rubbish). Its first appearance was actually as part of a rousing game of Dungeons & Dragons, a small figurine being used to denote its presence.

If you found yourself wanting one of those very figurines, fear not, because thanks to TheDemogorgon.com, that may just become a reality very soon. The site describes the super-cool looking replica figure (check out a glimpse of it after the jump) thus:

The Demogorgon figure stands approximately 8 inches tall, and is solid cast resin. Fully painted and assembled, this collectible figure will be the talk of your collection. Wether you are a classic Dungeon & Dragons fan, or a Stranger Things fan, this statue is sure to be the perfect addition to your collection. Estimated shipping time on the Demogorgon statue is October 2016.

You can pre-order yours right now direct from the site, for a not unreasonable price of $69.99. Who knows, maybe if you keep it on the bedside table it’ll protect you from the Demogorgon dragging you back to the Upside Down with it?

Demogorgon figure from Stranger things

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