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New on Netflix is a weekly feature appearing every Friday, listing all of the week’s newest additions to everyone’s favorite streaming service–and just in time for the weekend!  So pop some popcorn, crack open a few beers, dim the lights, and kill a few hours in Wicked Horror style.

It was a bit of a rough week for new streaming titles, the few that were added will likely not appeal to everyone. But remember: With a few friends, enough alcohol, and the right state of mind, even a bad film can be made enjoyable.

Mercenaries (2014)

“When a female terrorist kidnaps the president’s daughter, the CIA recruits four tough-as-nails inmates from a women’s prison to bring her home safely.” – If you are one of the people who watched the Expendables franchise and thought to yourself, “This is good, but it would be better as a mockbuster with an all female cast!”, then have no fear. The people at Asylum studios have you covered with this film starring Brigitte Nielson, Zoe Bell, and Vivica A. Fox.

The merciless women of Mercenaries.

Don’t Blink (2014)

“Ten people arrive at a secluded mountain resort to find it completely deserted. With no gas for the return trip, the visitors are forced to stay and investigate the mystery surrounding the abandoned lodge.” – Mena Suvari and Brian Austin Green—that’s right, Brian Austin Green—take the lead in this thriller from Travis Oates, better known as the voice of Piglet in Winnie the Pooh.

Brian Austin Green and Mena Suvari in Don't Blink.Cam2Cam (2014)

“While on vacation in Bangkok, Allie Westbrook meets two expatriate men who invite her to participate in a racy sounding online game. But she soon discovers a dark and terrifying underside to what she thought was a harmless diversion.” – A disappointing film full of Internet users who take off their clothes and have an irrational fear of vowels. Read our review.

Our bloody heroine from Cam2Cam.At the Devil’s Door (2014)

“When an ambitious real estate agent is asked to sell a house with a dark past, she finds herself tangling with a sinister supernatural spirit.” – This erratic horror bounces from person-to-person and skips ahead through time rather routinely. It’s polarizing to the extent that some are calling it one of the best of the year, and others are calling it one of the worst. Watch it and let us know where you stand. Read our review.

Little Red riding the pony in At the Devil's Door.Timeline (2003)

“In the near future, when a technology corporation has created a method for traveling into the past, a history professor gets trapped in 1357 France, prompting his students and son to travel back in time and face untold perils to rescue him.” – Paul Walker, Richard Donner and Michael Chrichton should have equaled box office gold. Instead, it offered a bomb so incoherent that it must be watched in order to understand. Or not understand, as the case may be.

Paul Walker and Frances O'Connor in Timeline.Ragnarok (2013)

“When archaeologist Sigurd Svendsen sets out to find the link between an ancient shipwreck and the Viking apocalypse known as Ragnarok, his search for the truth leads to an earth-shattering discovery beyond his worst nightmares.” – This is Norse mythology as told in a film from Norway. I like Thor as much as the next guy, but Ragnarok’s lineage gives it an innate authenticity that Marvel studios just cannot deny.

When man meets dragon in the Norse film Ragnarok.

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