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Annabelle 2 Director Calls His Film ‘The Godfather II of Creepy Doll Films’

Annabelle 2 - Annabelle: Creation

Annabelle 2 director David F. Sandberg spoke with Bloody Disgusting in advance of the release of his new film, Lights Out. When the site probed him for details about Annabelle 2, he was mostly tight-lipped but he did make a pretty bold statement regarding his hopes for the picture. “The script is really good and I think that this is a sequel that will actually be better than the original. The Godfather II of creepy doll movies as I like to call it.”

As for where the follow up effort will take the storyline, he didn’t offer a lot of info, other than to say that it won’t be a continuation of its predecessor. “I don’t think I can give too many details at this point but it’s not a continuation of the first film,” the director told the outlet. “That’s one of the many things that enticed me with the project, that it’s new story. Also the setting and the time period of this one is perfect for a horror movie.”

Annabelle 2 will be heading to a theater near you May 19, 2017. As we previously reported, Gary Dauberman, who penned the screenplay for Annabelle, will be back to write the second installment. The original was made for a budget of $6.5 million but went on to take in a grand total of $246 million.

Annabelle is a spinoff tale that builds upon the story of a possessed doll which was established in James Wan‘s super hit The Conjuring. The film tells the story of the Form family. A well-meaning husband thinks that he has found the ideal gift for his pregnant wife and unborn child–a vintage doll. But when the couple’s home is invaded by cult members, the expectant mother and her husband begin to notice that the cultists have left something behind and whatever it is appears to be living in the doll.

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