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Cujo Remake Reveals New Details

Cujo - Donna from Cujo

The long discussed remake of Cujo is making headway and will apparently be seeing release under a different name. Also, it is already being speculated that the film will be headed direct-to-DVD, rather than enjoying a theatrical bow. But that has yet to be confirmed in any official capacity.

Firstly: The title of the reboot has been changed to C.U.J.O. It reportedly stands for Canine Unit Joint Operations. This seemingly points to a pretty big deviation from the Stephen King tome on which the picture is based.

Lang Elliott (the head of Sun Classic Pictures who produced the original) is reportedly on board to helm the reboot.

Actor DJ Perry (Ghost Town: The Movie) has reportedly signed on to star in the upcoming reimagining. However, which character he will portray in the upcoming film has not yet been revealed.

The original film focuses on a mother and her son whose St. Bernard is bitten by a rabid bat and goes from loyal companion to murderous creep.

According to the press release, a script has already been completed and the project is expected to commence principal photography shortly! Stay tuned to the site in the coming months for more news on the Cujo remake as they are announced!

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